Trump’s Congressional allies say FBI report may sully Russian Probe

Trump allies in Congress say FBI report may sully Mueller probe

  1. Trump allies in Congress say FBI report may sully Mueller probe  

    Trump’s top congressional allies say a watchdog’s finding of anti-Trump bias by officials leading the FBI’s Russian Probe could taint special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of links between then candidate Donald Trump’s campaign and Russia.

    Republican Majority Whip Steve Scalise said in Politico, “I do think, as you see more evidence of bias against Donald Trump, it gives credence to people who wonder if this is becoming a witch hunt.”

    Democrats insist the Justice Department’s inspector general’s report on the handling of the Clinton emails showed no bias against then candidate Trump, and should have no bearing on Robert Mueller’s work.

    The conclusion of the report from Justice Department inspector general Michael Horowitz’ report said that despite many missteps by senior FBI officials there was no evidence that the decision against prosecuting Hillary Clinton for her use of a private email server was infected by bias.


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