Giuliani trying to shape Mueller’s Russian probe

Giuliani trying to shape Mueller’s Russian probe

  1. Giuliani trying to shape Mueller’s Russian probe  

    “Our strategy is: When we weren’t talking, we were losing,” Giuliani told The Associated Press from Israel, “Normally in a criminal or civil investigation, the audience would not be the public. But in this one, it is.”

    Along with Rudy Giuliani’s many statements in the recent months that include saying that Mueller’s probe will end by Sept. 1 so as not to affect the midterm elections, and that an interview with Trump will be limited and take place only under certain conditions, and that that prosecutors have ruled out indicting a sitting president, Giuliani declared on June 7th that Trump would not sit for an interview with investigators unless his legal team gets a firsthand look at the documents generated by an FBI informant.

    The special counsel appointed for the Russian probe has not responded to any of Giuliani’s claims. Instead, Robert Mueller has shown no interest in combating the White House on cable or in print, as the most consistent line throughout the probe is “A spokesman for the special counsel declined to comment for this article.”

    Nearly all of the New York City mayor’s claims appear to have been intended to either defend Trump or discredit the investigation into him.

    Omaha World-Herald

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